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I am grateful to my clients for trusting me and choosing me as their partner, on the path towards achieving their goals. It is this trust that empowers me to be the best version of myself as a Coach. Their stories and their courage inspires me.








Snigdha Nahar


The first impression I had was that you are very calm and have a reassuring air about you and that feeling of calm pervades the other person quickly.  This is a great setting to open up and you help facilitate that with various gentle questions.  I found myself feeling both relaxed and also emotional (When I thought of something that saddens me) during the session like a good movie!


Stepahanie Salinitri

Extremely helpful discussion with clarity and planning

Pink Card


Senior Manager Strategy & Management Consulting

(Financial Services)


I have had the opportunity to be coached by Neha on several occasions during the past year. Neha has been able to coach me at a deep level with empathy and great listening skills. Her gentle approach enabled me to find solutions that suit me while creating a safe environment for learning and growth. I left the sessions with increased energy and plan to accomplish my next step along with ideas on addressing barriers that may get in the way. Neha's skills, experience, and energy make her a highly effective personal coach. I would highly recommend her!"

Shelyn Ng


Within the first two sessions, Dr. Neha managed to create a safe space for me to talk about any issues that were hindering my progress and personal growth. Questions were concise and carefully curated to help me gain greater clarity of the presented issue; Thus, I am able to explore various issues under an hour and often leave the session satisfied, and with a clearer purpose on what should my next step be."




Head of Strategy,

Smiths Group APAC

Blogger, influencer & Co-founder,



There was a natural meditation tone you had. Highly recommend her not just for her coaching experience but also a session or two on meditation (even if you are not a regular like me)


I feel so grateful to be a part of your journey to achieve your goals.


A Holistic Life Transition Coaching For Your Motherhood Journey

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