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Welcome, beautiful Mama...

...To a place where,

chaos ends and clarity begins....

anxiety ends and calm begins...

self doubt ends and confidence begins...


This is a gift for yourself, that you deserve.

For now, and for life


There are many ways in which we can work together.


White Gradient



(Up to 2 months)

4 Coaching session

(60 mins. each)

3 Meditation Sessions*

(up to 30 mins. each)

2 Pranic Healing Sessions**

(Chakras and Aura Cleansing)

Email Support

(Throughout coaching engagement)

White Gradient



(Up to 4 Months)

8 Coaching sesisons

(60 mins. each)

6 Meditation Sessions*

(up to 30 mins. each)

4 Pranic Healing Sessions**

(Chakra and Aura cleansing with special focus on specific aches and pains)

Email Support

(Throughout coaching engagement and 1 month after the last coaching session.

White Gradient


(Up to 6 Months)

12 Coaching sessions

(60 mins. each)

9 Meditation Sessions*

(up to 30 mins. each)

6 Pranic Healing Sessions**

(Chakra and Aura cleansing with special focus on specific aches and pains)

Email Support

(Throughout coaching engagement and 2 months after the last coaching session.


        *Meditation sessions - Type and duration (up to 30 min.) based on your requirements

        **Pranic healing sessions – optional- Click Here to know more about Pranic Healing 

To discuss which package would suit you the best.


If you want to customise the packages to your specific needs and situations then a Bespoke Coaching Package may be the best option for you.

Together we can design a package completely tailored around you, based on your specific requirements.

If you would like to discuss whether a bespoke coaching package might be right for you then you can schedule a free, no-obligation conversation with me.


To help me design a Package based on your requirements


3. SINGLE coaching session –1 session (60 minutes approx.)                         

This is for you if you want to experience the power of coaching or gain clarity regarding a specific topic.


In this session, we will explore deeply your immediate goal. By the end of the session, you will have clarity (about your goal, possible obstacles in achieving it) and a realistic and sustainable action plan on how to resolve the issue.


               to set up the coaching session.

Pleated Fabric

Possibilities are endless,


Together we will...




Image by William Farlow
  • Compliment your physical recovery and any body issues, that may be present in your postpartum period, through chakra cleansing and energy body healing. (if you choose).(Click Here to know more about Pranic Healing)

  • Calm and relax through customised meditation sessions

  • Listen deeply and hold space for you to express all thoughts and feelings openly

  • Help you process any traumas that may have occured during the birth of your child

  • Evaluate all the information that  you have gathered and help you decide the right solutions for matters related to your baby

  • Explore your concerns and situation

  • Explore any worries and fears, that you may have

  • Help you set up routines that work for you and your family so instead of struggling you will be able to enjoy this time with your new born

  • Explore different tools and techniques that will be helpful for your specific situation

  • Explore and help you manage yours and others expectations from you

  • Deal with feelings of guilt through emotional support and effective mindset tools

  • Help you tap into your inner potential and intuition 

  • Gain clarity on how you can make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable along with all the new responsibilities

  • Gain clarity about your life vision going forward

  • Work to plan new schedule for you if you want to maximise your potential as a working mom or a stay at home

  • Help you set up new goals for your life going forward

  • Help you gain confidence and enhance your self esteem, if needed

  • Help you to prepare yourself emotionally and physically to join back work

  • Plan on how you can incorporate self care in your routine going forward and be a happy mom for your kids

revibe philosophy

What is Unique about REVIBE MAMA?


A Holistic Life Transition Coaching For Your Motherhood Journey

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