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We don't realise until we see the facts 
  • Approximately, 70% to 80% of women experience, at a minimum, the ‘baby blues’.

  • The reported rate of clinical postpartum depression(PPD) or a related condition among new mothers is up to 20%.

  • 1 in 7 women may experience PPD in the year after giving birth.

What surprises me even more, 

  • These numbers only account for live births. Many women who miscarry or have stillbirths experience postpartum depression symptoms as well and most of the times go unaccounted.

  • Postpartum depression rates in Asian countries could be at 65% or more among new mothers, compared to rest of the world.

And the most unfortunate part is,

  • The rate of postpartum depression could be at least twice as much than what is actually reported and diagnosed. If symptoms go unreported and untreated, they cannot be accounted for in global health statistics.

  • affects people from all races, ethnicities, cultures and educational or economic backgrounds. 

Life Coaching and PostPartum depression

“Baby Blues.”- feelings of sadness, anxiety or negative thoughts just after having a baby.

"Postpartum Depression (PPD)." - Higher intensity and persistence of negative thoughts and feelings beyond the first few weeks after childbirth may be this clinical mental health condition.

Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Self-care measures can be helpful in overcoming baby blues, stress and anxiety and may prevent in further worsening of the condition.

Whereas, for diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression, seeking medical help through a counsellor or a psychologist is necessary.

Why having a life coach is different from reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, watching self development videos or venting out to friends or family?

Take a deep breath


smell those fresh flowers



I will work with you...

...on whatever that is,

in your heart and mind.

So, instead of...


...spending this primetime of your life

just trying to figure out things and managing somehow


...letting it turn into a grieving process and slipping into a victim mode

How about

being the strong woman, that you already are... 

...acknowledging the changes,


working towards the solutions.


Being a mom can be difficult at times.., Yes! 

But, it is also a very enjoyable and precious part of your life.

I can help you

    redefine your purpose and create that “never give up” mindset 



       you can move closer to creating a life you love,

where you’re

    having it all and Loving it every step of the way.


A Holistic Life Transition Coaching For Your Motherhood Journey

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