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Meditation for New Moms


Fluctuating hormones, body’s recovery, coping with baby's every need along with sleeplessness can wreak havoc on even the calmest of minds. You will think, as a new mom, I don't even have time to do routine things such as sleep, eat and shower—let alone find time to relax. But, It is proven that incorporating the ancient practice of meditation into your day can help you curb anxiety, reduce stress, boost your mood, get you some "me time", sharpen you mentally, reduce insomnia, balance your eating habits, help you feel more present and attentive when caring for your baby. In a nutshell, Meditation is a way of being, that will help you bounce back much faster and you will be a happy mama that your baby deserves.

​Meditation can be:

  • Guided meditation - Involves listening to a series of vocal prompts;

  • Mantra mediation - Involves mental or verbal repetition of a word or phrase (can be affirmations)

  • Body scan meditation - Relaxation through acknowledging, accepting and raising awareness of bodily sensations

  • Mindfulness meditation - Being more present without any judgement

  • Twin Heart Meditation - For tremendous amount of spiritual energy, peace, love, prosperity and happiness in the practitioner's life.

I will be:

Your facilitator and partner for meditation throughout our coaching engagement. In the introductory session, We can explore and discover which meditation suits your personality and needs the most.

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