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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client

Life coaching - can be defined as a partnership between a coach and a client,

where the coach - encourages the client to find his/her own solutions, through active listening and powerful questioning.

A coach is professionally trained to facilitate effective coaching conversations using various coaching tools, and methodologies to increase client's self awareness, motivation and achievement of goals that are set by clients.

Coaching provides a confidential, unbiased, and non judgemental space for client to gain deeper understanding, explore fresh perspective and experience mindset shifts.

Life coaching believes that client is naturally creative, resourceful and fully capable.

The coach's job is to:

  • Facilitate conversations to help client gain more clarity, set realistic and sustainable goals and to elicit solutions and strategies from the client.

  • Encourage the client to look at situations with various angles to possibly understand different obstacles and resistances between client and their desired goals.

  • Work together with the client to maximise their personal and professional potential and empower them to work towards self-directed learning and growth to maximize their performance.

Coaching Approach is:

  • Solution focused

  • Future oriented

  • Action driven

COACHING covers various aspects of life including (but not limited to) relationships, parenting, career, executive, leadership, finances, life transition coaching, health and spiritual.

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