Hey new mama!

Motherhood can be

the most beautiful part of your life

Rediscover your vibe




Heal and Nourish


Body and Soul


Set Goals





Through a holistic approach of

Life Coaching, Meditations and Pranic Healing

Rediscover your vibe as a new mom,

because, the person you were then, is not the person you are now.

A Holistic Life Transition Coaching

for your Motherhood Journey

Your baby arrives...

Without a warning sign...



there is no fabulous makeover reveal


Change comes regardless of our readiness to accept it.


Then there is no going back,

           - Not for the body, which has changed in different ways

           - Not for the mind, which has reorganised itself around                           different priorities, responsibilities and lifestyle.


This holistic programme, will help you to:

- Transition to this new phase of life, intentionally and proactively, rather than 


- Gain more clarity, more purpose and more control

- Figure out what success looks and feels like, as a new mother

- Lead a more Fulfilling life as compared to a Full life


Hi, I am Neha

I work with New Mothers like you - Who are going through millions of emotions all by themselves, yet, striving to be the best for their family.

Why? - Because a few years back, I was exactly where you are.

Feeling overwhelmed and confused...


Stay at home mum or a Working mum,

First time mum or a Fourth time mum, 


I will provide you - With a safe, non judgemental and a loving space, where you will explore deeper, gain more clarity and claim ownership of your life in a concrete way 

So you are - Empowered yet supported instead of surrendering to the chaos of new parenthood...

With proven tools and techniques - you get to discover your true potential, your true desires, and go through this challenging phase, smoothly and easily.

Simply put - If you are about to have or just had a baby,

I want you to know...

That you are not alone in your motherhood journey

That you are courageous to define your success as a new mom

You are enough and capable

And I also want you to know that...

Nothing is Impossible




The first impression I had was that you are very calm and have a reassuring air about you and that feeling of calm pervades the other person quickly.  This is a great setting to open up and you help facilitate that with various gentle questions.  I found myself feeling both relaxed and also emotional (When I thought of something that saddens me) during the session like a good movie!


There is a lot of buzz out there!


In the ocean of information, where its very easy to get carried away. 

I help you find your inner self and listen to your inner goddess.


To know what is unique about REVIBE


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A Holistic Life Transition Coaching For Your Motherhood Journey